India’s First Advanced Certification Course in Data Structures and Algorithms.

Deep dive into the DSA world, get upskilled on the core concepts and increase your chances of getting placed in product companies.

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Program Overview

neocoder’s DSA course is India’s first advanced certification course in Data Structures and Algorithms. Devised by a team of industry experts, DSA is a self-paced, end-to-end certification course – tailor-made for students like you who aspire to land jobs in MAANG companies.
The course offers a 360° understanding of the DSA world (through real-time animated videos), from primary roots to complex tree structures. Our industry-vetted curriculum and adept trainers will aid you in mastering the concepts of DSA through a guided learning model.

What sets apart our DSA Program

Self-paced program with animated videos

Hands-on real-world coding practices

Resume building and soft skills sessions

60+ Hours of Lectures

Mentorship from industry-leading experts

Flexible payment methods

300+ Problems

Fortnightly doubt clarifying sessions

A Glimpse of the Self-paced DSA Course

DSA opens up a whole new world of meticulously designed modules curated for students who strive to master the concepts of DSA and amplify their developer skill sets. The DSA course is built on the core of our proven 4step learning methodology; the course encompasses self-paced recorded lectures/videos, conceptual learning materials, hands-on practice sessions, and real-world project-based assessments.

What will be your key takeaways

360-degree Learning

A complete hold of the concepts in data structures and algorithms – from the fundamentals to the intricacies in complex data structures.

Master DSA World

Hands-on training in data structure programs to master algorithmic programming skills and crack real-world DSA challenges.

Industry-vetted Curriculum

A proper blend of MCQs, conceptual questions, and complex programming to prepare you for the product-based companies’ interview process.

Interview Readiness

Career guidance and interview-preparatory sessions to help launch your career in MAANG companies.

Master Data Structures and Algorithms & Launch your career in MAANG Companies.

Curriculum Design


Looking for

Click on the Enrol Now button in the banner and register using your email id, phone number, and other requisite information. After payment completion, the login details will be sent to your registered email.

You will have a doubt-clarifying session with our skilled trainers/industry experts once every two weeks. You can join the meeting online and resolve your doubts.

The provided DSA concepts can be adapted for any programming language. But the solutions in the course are provided in C++ language.

The course covers basic to advanced Data Structure and Algorithm concepts specific to product-based companies.

A self-paced course is not bound to any specific timeline. The entire course becomes available as soon as you enrol, and you can finish the course at your own pace.

Having basic programming knowledge in C++ will make this course easier to start.

This is a self-paced course with a guided learning model. You can complete it at your own pace.

Yes, you will be awarded an advanced certification in DSA upon course completion.

Your first step to joining your dream product company begins here!

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