Iamneo Pricing Policy & Refund Policy

At iamneo Edutech Private Limited, we are committed to providing our users with a rewarding experience as they explore, evaluate, and purchase our courses, whether online or classroom. Before completing any online transaction, you are required to accept our Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, and Refund Policy.

Price Range

At iamneo Edutech Private Limited, we tailor our pricing to the services we render. You will be informed of the exact cost in advance, based on the effort, efficiency, and results of the service.

Schedule of payment

To ensure complete operational transparency, all payments must be made upfront to iamneo Edutech Private Limited. We also support EMI payment options (if applicable) through an authorized third-party vendor to allow flexible payments.

Price Matching

At iamneo Edutech Private Limited, we pledge to provide you with the most competitive prices in the market.

Pricing Errors

In order to ensure the prices are correct, we strive to be accurate. If the cost of a product is higher than the price that is shown, we will cancel your purchase, and the same shall be informed to you.


Scholarships and discounts can only be availed upon providing one-time-use personalized coupon codes.

Shopping Cart

The items you have added to your Shopping Cart reflect the current price displayed on the product’s details page. Note that this cost may differ from the one quoted when you initially added the item to your Shopping Cart. iamneo Edutech Private Limited provides our service for personal use and not for resale. As such, we reserve the right to decline to sell to any individuals we think may be purchasing for reselling.

Refunds policy: For Online Courses

Refunds will be granted only for exceptional cases. All exceptions will solely be evaluated and approved by iamneo Edutech Private Limited

To raise a refund, please follow the instructions below.

  1. Send an email to (id), with the subject “Refund for Online Course | Registered Email Address
  2. State the rationale for requesting a refund. [for our internal purpose only]
  3. It is necessary to ensure that the refund request email is sent within five days of the course start date.

All refunds will be handled within 25 business days after iamneo Edutech Private Limited accepts the refund application.

Force Majeure:

iamneo Edutech Private Limited will not be responsible for any failure to conduct the course under this contract if it is prevented from or delayed by an event of force majeure.

Queries: Our Customer Service Specialists are available from 11 am to 5 pm from Monday to Friday—reach out to us at 1800-123-3598.